Welcome to your.smkw.com. This is a new site dedicated to give you, our employees, all types of
information. In the next coming weeks you will find such information as phone & department
directory, copy of the Employee Handbook, your 401K policy and information, job postings,
frequently used forms, current events, what's happening at SMKW, holiday schedule, department
and company updates, birthdays etc. We hope you will use this website to gather information to
help you and our management team to better use our time and become more knowledgeable
of what's going on at SMKW.


Smoky Mountain Knife Works will be hosting the Medic Mobile on Wednesday February 24th between 11:00 am to 7:00 pm. Urgent Need for All Blood Types!!!!!

For Pete's sake.....GIVE BLOOD

The following is a list of current weather info. and work schedules for SMKW locations.
02/16/10 Dandridge Facility - OPEN
02/16/10 Sevierville Showroom - OPEN
02/16/10 Order Entry - OPEN
02/16/10 Delivery Truck - Regular Schedule